Event Update: Spooky SOUP – October 26, 5pm

Our third-party panel of judges have selected *four* presenters for Sunday. They are:

1) CHILDREN’S THEATRE WORKSHOP; the group is seeking funding for their production of “The Locker Next 2 Mine,” a play that aims to open discussion, especially among youth, about suicide. Their Web site: http://childrenstheaterworkshop.org/

2) TOLEDO STREETS; the newspaper is seeking funding for vendor supplies and office needs. The vendors are homeless, or recently homeless, men and women; the office space is new. Their Web site: http://toledostreets.org/

3) SOUL CITY BOXING & WRESTLING; the anti-gang violence boxing and wrestling gym is seeking funding to purchase two computers to enhance its after-school tutoring program. Their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Soul-City-Boxing-and-Wrestling-gym/244712122234530

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday! Don’t forget to wear a costume (Best one wins a prize!)

Event takes place at 1717 Adams Street, Toledo, OH 43604

Toledo SOUP exists to fund community-minded projects, ideas and businesses with microgrants. Our next event will feature several presentations from people in YOUR city who want to make a difference.

How SOUP works:
1. Put $5 in a basket.
2. Eat soup.
3. Listen to proposals while you eat soup.
4. Vote on the proposals you listened to while eating soup.
5. Top vote-getter leaves with everyone’s $5 contribution to the basket.

Costumes are great, to go along with our Halloween theme!