Presenter Profile 2 of 4: Sisters-in-Law

The second organization presenting at Sunday’s SOUP event is Sisters-in-Law (Gretchen DeBacker).

‪#‎SistersInLaw‬ is a group of female volunteer attorneys who provide legal advocacy and mentoring to the moms who are participating in the program at Mom’s House, a non-profit whose missions is to provide at-risk single parents with the tools and resources needed to be effective parents, as well as help them achieve their educational goals.

If selected at the SOUP grant recipients, they will use the money for startup costs, including supplies, copying, postage, etc. Money may also be used to pay for child care expenses when the moms are in the enrichment sessions with the mentors. (Mom’s House has a small and tight budget and cannot absorb these additional payroll costs.) In addition, they plan to use funds to help cover transportation costs to planned outings and/or to pay for provided educational materials at these sessions.