Quick Announcements


Good morning, friends! A few quick announcements for you …

– SOUP is hosting its first SOUPer Bowl at the Stube, 4 p.m. on May 3! It’s easy.
TO ENTER: $10 gets you in the running for the title of “Stube SOUP Maestro,” a year-long honorary title, a nifty first-place trophy, and your recipe as the soup du jour at The House of Eats! (Not bad, right?)
Anyone can enter and any soup is admissible, provided you make it yourself and write down the recipe.
TO JUDGE: Voting is done by anyone who pays to participate in the competition and/or by those who make a donation, of any amount, to Toledo SOUP at the event.
Bring your friends! All of the proceeds will help us pay for the expenses associated with hosting SOUP events.

– The deadline to submit a proposal for Summer SOUP is May 22. You can submit them here.

– Summer SOUP, don’t forget, is June 14. Anyone who is interested in donating to the raffle, please email taylordungjen@gmail.com.

– Most importantly: We love you. heart emoticon