Call for proposals

The next SOUP might be months away (May 21st!), BUT proposals are open *now.*

Wondering if your idea or project qualifies? Ask: Does this, in any way, benefit the Toledo community? If the answer is “yes,” apply! If you’re not sure, apply!

Here are some things SOUP funds could be used for:

– murals
– any type of art project
– bringing in guest speakers
– planting a community garden
– hosting a neighborhood/community event
– providing tutoring for children
– after-school activities
– renovations to a building
– new oven for your bakery
– expanding your business
– jump-starting a business
– putting together kits or other needed items for homeless persons
– starting a local organization
– rent payments for your business
– photo projects
– video projects
– publishing projects
– putting on a play or other performance act
– buying gear to start a podcast

Anything qualifies so long as it can, in some way, positively add to Toledo. We can’t wait to see what brilliant ideas y’all have.

Apply at