Who can participate in Toledo SOUP?
Toledo SOUP encourages diversity. We hope to see a wide range of proposals from the realm of small business, the arts, urban agriculture, local food, as well as local charities and community groups from all over the Toledo region.  For-profit and non-profit. Individuals and groups.  All are welcome.

Is my idea appropriate for a proposal?
We are seeking proposals that enrich the Toledo community and that are likely to succeed given the amount of funding available and the purpose for which it is sought. Typically, proposals should be project-based, meaning a specific deliverable should be able to be reported back at following SOUP events. However, there is no right or wrong answer here. When in doubt, it never hurts to apply.

If I’ve submitted for a previous Toledo SOUP event, can I submit again?
Previous Toledo SOUP winners are not eligible to submit for one year from their award date. Runner-up finalists (those who pitched proposals at an event but were not selected as a winner) must sit out one SOUP event following their proposal date before being eligible to apply again. All others are welcome to submit, including those who previously submitted and were not selected as finalists, and those who submitted past deadline for a previous SOUP event.

How much money is awarded?
The award amount for each SOUP event depends on attendance. Admission to the meal is $5 (soup and sides included). On average, we anticipate around 150 attendees per event, equaling $750 – $1250 in potential award money when including entry, bake sale, and the raffle. The inaugural Toledo SOUP event had 150 guests in attendance, and raised nearly $1050, but our most successful event was Event #7 on March 8, 2015 when we raised $2596. All funds raised during events are given to the evening’s winner.

Who organizes Toledo SOUP?
Toledo SOUP is a Volunteer Community Workgroup composed of an array of community members across many sectors, including artists, writers, activists, event planners, lawyers, community development organizers, computer programmers, technical wizards, and others. No committee members are paid or compensated for their efforts.

Who selects which proposals will present at the meal event?
All proposals submitted on time or before the deadline are considered for an opportunity to present at Toledo SOUP. The proposal selection committee is composed of local leaders, past winners, and other guests. Invited guests will change with each event, and SOUP committee members rotate the selection responsibility. Toledo SOUP makes every attempt to encourage fairness and equal opportunity in its selection process.

How can I help or get involved?
Toledo SOUP relies on community support. We graciously and humbly accept donations of goods (including cups, bowls, silverware, napkins, soup ingredients and other food, etc.), services (assistance with prepping, serving, cleaning, etc.), and cash (to purchases goods and services). We also need volunteers to help spread the word about our proposal deadlines and events, and volunteers to help out during the actual meal events. If you are interested in more information on sponsoring, donating, and/or volunteering, please email us at toledosoup@gmail.com.